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Snow Clipart Image: House with Snow in the Winter

Clip art illustration of a cartoon house, in winter, with snow falling down. Clip art illustration by Pamela Perry created for Acclaim Images.


Snow Clipart Image: House with Snow in the Winter

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License is granted to use this image for free, for personal use and school projects, under the following conditions:

  • Do not distribute the image or offer for use by others.

  • Do not sell or license the image.

  • If using online, provide a link back to this page or website.

  • Identifying marks or data may not be altered or removed.

    Commercial use of this image is allowed only if a link back to this site or webpage is provided along with a credit, such as "Image courtesy of". The link must be followable by spiders and search engines and must be near the image. Linking the image itself, without text, is acceptable.

    All other commercial use of this image requires that you purchase a license.

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    Snow Clipart Image: House with Snow in the Winter


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